Replace a Power Window Regulator (03-08 Toyota Corolla)

Power windows are one of life’s modern conveniences. There are times, though, that your power window regulator blessing can be turned into a curse. Over time, the power window regulator in your Toyota Corolla can slow down or stop working, whether by age, damage, or some other reason, and it needs to be replaced. Take a look at this DIY guide to help you replace it as safely and quickly as possible.

  • To start out this project, you will need the tools and parts, as well as a little bit of patience and time. You will probably want a couple flat-head screwdrivers, a small and medium sized one. You will also need a Phillips-head screwdriver, a 10mm socket and socket wrench with an extension, and a putty knife. You can also use a door panel clip tool if you have one but a putty knife will get the job done just as well.
  • Once you have all the necessary supplies and tools for the project, it is time to delve in. Beginning with removing the door panel, you will need your screwdriver and door panel removal tool to pop the door loose. There are multiple screws throughout the door panel and different clips as well so make sure to find them all before pulling it off with the door panel removal tool. Once you have all the screws out, simply start with a corner and methodically tug it from each clip.
  • Once you have the door panel off, you will want to carefully pull the speaker wire out from your radio’s speaker and then use the putty knife to remove the plastic shield covering all the electrical wires. You also will want to remove the black plate that is covering the window regulator.
  • Now that you can get to your window regulator, you will want to lower the window, if possible, in order to reach the two 10mm bolts you must remove. If you cannot lower the window then it is still possible to reach the bolts, it’s just not ideal. When the window is down, you should go ahead and remove the two bolts from the opposite sides of the regulator. One is located on the farthest corner of the regulator and you should see it through the relatively large hole where the regulator is located. The other bolt should be easy to reach through a tiny hole on the other corner of the door, just above the speaker. If you remove those two bolts, the window itself should be able to move on its own and then can be raised up and taped to the top of the door.
  • After the window has been moved, go ahead and remove the power window regulator. To do this, you will need to remove six bolts located on the metallic frame surrounding the window regulator. Two of the bolts are directly above the large hole in the door, the next is located a couple inches on the left from the first two, the next is even farther left, above the speaker, then the last two are above that one and slightly over to the right. These bolts basically follow the window regulators path as they are what hold it in place. It’s best to leave the highest bolt for the end and then lift the regulator itself up and out the hole in the door.
  • To install the new one, begin by inserting one bolt in the highest mounting point on the regulator, where it will come out the same hole you left for last when removing it. This bolt will hold it in place while you screw in the rest of the bolts. Make sure to pull the wires from the regulator completely out before screwing it in.
  • After reinserting the six regulator bolts you can let the window down, carefully. Attach the two corner bolts to hold the window in. Then attach the connector to your power window control unit. It is now ready to be tested. Turn on your car and see if your work was successful! Once you have tested it out, start reinstalling the plate, the plastic shield and the whole door panel assembly. Once you have cautiously put it all back together, you are good to go!

Replacing a power window regulator can seem daunting at first, but if you have the necessary tools, supplies, and time, following this guide will help get your window back to convenience it once was.

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