How to Replace a Cabin Air Filter (Toyota)

As you go about your DIY career, you may begin to notice a simple truth: There are many jobs that you can do yourself, that some auto shops may have been charging you an arm and a leg for. One of these particular jobs is changing your Toyota’s cabin air filter. The air filter in your Toyota should be changed regularly, in order to protect your lungs from the many pollutants, such as pollen, soot, dust, and road grime, that can come from the outside.

The recommended replacement time for your particular Toyota may be different, if it says so in the manual, but the general time for replacement is around 10,000 miles. Take a look at our simple step-by-step guide, to help you replace your cabin air filter without any hiccups.

  • First, the obvious step is to buy your air filter. You can get a cabin filter from an auto parts store, from online stores, or from your dealership. You should be able to lookup the correct filter at each of these places. You should also grab the necessary tools for the job. The tools for this particular job include a Phillip’s-head screwdriver and your hands.
  • Second, the next step involves getting into your Toyota. You will want to start by opening the glove compartment, completely. On the lower right side, you should see a screw. Go ahead and remove that screw, without losing it of course, and then pull the two pieces away from each other, where the screw was holding them together.
  • Third, you will want to squeeze the sides of the glove compartment, in order to move the tabs, on the sides, past the edge of the dash. If you cannot pull the sides together, you can push against the back of the box, and pull on the front. Both of these ways should allow you to take the entire glove box off the hinges and out of the dash completely.
  • Fourth, you should now be able to see the cabin air filter case. Pull the tabs on the side to take the cover of the case off.
  • Fifth, slide the now revealed air filter towards you, without spilling any of the trapped pollen or debris inside of it. Remove the filter completely.
  • Sixth, you can now take your new filter out of the package. Make sure you install it facing up, as it should look like the old one you just removed. Also be sure to push it all the way back, allowing you to put the plastic cover back on the front. Naturally, you will want to put the cover back on next.
  • Seventh, once the filter is installed and the cover is back in place, go ahead and return the glove compartment back to its position. You will need to put it back on its hinges and also squeeze the sides in again, as well.
  • Eight, once the glove compartment is back in the dash, reattach the pieces the screw held together and replace the screw. After that is finished, you should be good to go!

There may be some configuration variations, depending on your particular Toyota. Some put the air filter in a tray, while others in a slot. Check your manual to be sure. When you remove the air filter, you will see how much it protects the cabin from the dust and debris that could enter through your vents. Seeing the difference between the new and old filters should convince you into the necessity of replacing your filter regularly. So remember, replacing your cabin air filter is an important step in keeping your lungs, and the lungs of your passengers, healthy amidst the pollen on your daily drive.

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