No Heated Seats? No Problem! (12-14 Toyota Camry)

On a cold day, about to head off to work, you open your Camry’s door and sit down and what greets you? Frozen seats that never seem to warm up.  You aren’t the only one who faces this more-than-uncomfortable driving situation on cold winter mornings. Unfortunately, the simple fact is that most cars do not have heated seats. This deficiency can be dealt with though, as we have a do-it-yourself guide to help you install heated seats into your Toyota Camry. The new seats have four heating elements to warm you on those cold mornings. They also have dual-position control switches to choose between high and low settings, depending on how warm you want to be. So how do you install these wonderful solutions to the morning’s freezing car seats? Take a look at this DIY installation guide to install heated seats in your Toyota Camry.

  • Start by disassembling the initial seat you are putting the heated seat on. You may need a screw driver and pliers, as you will be taking the seat out and then removing the fabric. Check underneath the seat to star the removal of the fabric. Wrap it back until you see a few staples in the seat. Remove those staples then grab your screw driver. You will want to take off the two plastic assemblies attached on the side of the seat. This will make it possible to remove the fabric all the way to see the foam inside.
  • Now that the inner foam has been exposed, set the heating elements in place, for both the back and the bottom of the seat. Once you have figured out where you want the elements to go, go ahead and trace lines onto the elements, to help in the next step of the process.
  • This next step of the process involves trimming, so you want to grab a sharp cutting tool, such as a utility knife, or razorblade knife. You will then want to remove the heating elements from their position, and lay them on a flat work table or other sturdy surface. Begin to trim the areas outlined, so that your heating elements are formed to fit your seats perfectly. Make sure to only trim what is necessary for a clean fit in your specific Toyota.
  • Now, using the tape cloth that was provided in the heating seat kit that you bought, it is important to wrap the exposed heating elements created by the trim.
  • Next, align the recently trimmed heating elements with the seat cushion, the way you designed them. Make sure the heating seat elements thermostat does not touch any of the seats support structure. Stick the heating elements into their proper position and you are ready for clean up! Just follow these easy steps for each seat and you will have warm seats for you and your front side passenger.
  • Wrap the cloth back over the elements, using the guide in order to backtrack and help you get your seat back to its original state, this time though, a little warmer.

Heated seats are not just a rich man’s luxury. With do-it-yourself guides such as this one, you are more prepared than ever to get the comfort you deserve. Also, after installing your new heated seats, there will be a far greater showdown for shotgun in your Camry. Finally, whenever your morning sends shivers down your spine, you have the solution to turn your drive into a mini vacation, every day you go to work.

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