Fix a Squeaky Seat Belt (Subaru Impreza)

Squeak! When driving your tough Subaru Impreza, possibly taking it out for a spin to impress a date, or wanting to show your friends how much fun your Subaru Impreza is, hearing that specific sound from your seatbelt can be annoying or even embarrassing. A squeaky seatbelt is something you definitely want to fix, but absolutely do not want to pay someone else to fix for you. Fortunately, we have the perfect guide for you and your Subaru Impreza. This easy to follow guide will get the squeak out of your car and make safety just that much cooler.

For starters, you will need to grab a few tools that will help you with your squeaky seatbelt. You will need a sharp knife, a trim removal tool, and a flathead screwdriver.

  • To begin, you will want to remove the front trim that is below the squeaky seatbelt you are working on. To do this, you need to pop the rivet out that is holding it on, and then slide the flathead screwdriver underneath the trim and wiggle it up.
  • Once that trim piece is removed, head to the back seat and loosen the lower trim piece by popping its rivet out too. You do not need to remove the backseat to loosen the trim, and you also do not have to remove the trim piece, just loosen it.
  • After the two bottom trims pieces have been either removed or loosened, pop the vertical piece that is covering your squeaky seatbelt loose.
  • After removing the plastic trim cover, look at the inside. There are a few ribs stretching across the inner portion of the plastic piece. The highest one is most likely the reason for the squeak. Go ahead and carefully shave the rib down with a sharp knife.
  • After shaving it, you will notice how much shorter it is than the other ribs. This should fix any squeaking from the seatbelt. Go ahead and reverse the process, and reattach all the trim pieces.
  • Now test your squeaky seatbelt. It should no longer make a noise, and you should be good to go!

Your Subaru Impreza’s seat belts shouldn’t be the focus of your drive in that car. Your focus should be on the fun experiences you can, the passengers that fill the seats, and the open road that stretches in front of you. So just follow this easy guide and your seatbelt won’t even cross your mind, only your chest.

Photo credit: AlamosaCountyPublicHealth via / CC BY